Commercial brewing systems

Commercial brewing systems

Are you looking for a commercial brewing system that can suit your production goals and budget? If so, you might want to check out our 3 vessel and 4 vessel brewhouse systems. These systems are designed to produce high quality beer with different levels of output and flexibility.

A 4 vessel brewhouse system consists of a Mash tun, Lauter Tun, Kettle and Whirlpool. Each of these tanks is dedicated to performing a single process, and is designed differently than similar vessel used for performing multiple processes. This allows for more control and consistency over the brewing process, as well as faster and higher production capacity. A 4 vessel brewhouse system is ideal for large scale breweries that want to maximize their efficiency and quality.

A 3 vessel brewhouse system is a hybrid system that incorporates at least one combination vessel and two dedicated process vessels. For example, a medium sized brewery with a focus on heavily hopped beers might choose to go with a combination Mash Lauter Tun, a dedicated Kettle, and a dedicated Whirlpool. Whereas, someone focusing on lagers or feeding a distilling operation might go with a dedicated Mash Tun, dedicated Lauter Tun, and a combination Kettle/Whirlpool. A 3 vessel brewhouse system offers more flexibility and affordability than a 4 vessel system, while still providing better performance and efficiency than a 2 vessel system.

Both our 3 vessel and 4 vessel brewhouse systems are made of premium quality 304 stainless steel material and components, and sanitary-polished with stringent controls, inspection, and pressure testing. They can be customized to meet the needs of different sizes and types of breweries. They can also be certified by various standards if required.

If you are interested in our 3 vessel or 4 vessel brewhouse systems, please contact us for more information and a quote. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and help you find the best solution for your brewery. Additionally, we offer industrial-leading lead time to help you on schedule with your project. And ask us for possible expedite service to get your equipment even sooner!

3 vessel commercial brewing system
commercial brewing system

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