Thin film distillation

Thin film distillation

Thin film distillation, also known as molecular distillation, is a separation technique that involves the evaporation and condensation of substances based on differences in molecular movement properties. It is particularly effective for the separation of heat-sensitive and high-boiling-point compounds. The process works by creating a thin film of the liquid mixture on a heated surface, typically a cylindrical or conical evaporator. As the liquid travels down the heated surface, it quickly evaporates, and the vapor rises to a condenser where it is cooled and collected as the distillate. This method allows for the separation of components with close boiling points and achieves high purity and efficiency due to the short residence time and reduced exposure to heat.

A wiped film evaporator is a specialized type of thin film distillation equipment that enhances the efficiency and performance of the distillation process. It is designed with a rotating wiper system that constantly replenishes the liquid film on the evaporator surface, improving heat transfer and preventing product degradation. The wiper blades or rollers create a thin and uniform film that maximizes the surface area for evaporation. The high shear force generated by the wiper blades helps maintain a turbulent flow and minimizes the residence time, leading to faster evaporation rates and improved separation efficiency. Wiped film evaporators are widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processing, for the purification and concentration of heat-sensitive compounds.

Plygen offers both glass and stainless steel wiped film evaporators.  Our Wiped Film Evaporator ensures exceptional heat transfer and efficient separation, allowing for high evaporation rates and minimal product degradation. Experience optimal process efficiency and reduced operating costs. Designed with a compact footprint, our Wiped Film Evaporator optimizes space utilization in your facility. Its modular construction allows for easy integration into existing process lines or the flexibility to expand capacity as needed. Crafted with the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing, our Wiped Film Evaporator ensures long-lasting performance and durability even in demanding operating conditions. Plygen Industries offers customizable options to meet your specific requirements. From material selection to system configuration, we work closely with you to provide tailored solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

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glass wiped film evaporator for cannabis extraction Thin film distillation
wiped film evaporator for CBD extraction

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