Glass-lined reactor

Glass-lined reactor

Glass-lined reactors are reactors made of carbon steel with a glass lining of borosilicate glass on the inner surface that is in contact with the reaction mass. Glass-lined reactors are employed in cases where the reaction mass exhibits acidity. When dealing with an acidic reaction mass, the use of stainless steel (SS) reactors is not suitable, as it can lead to surface oxidation and corrosion of the reactor. Consequently, glass-lined reactors are preferred due to their protective glass lining, which serves as a barrier and offers resistance against corrosive chemicals.

Plygen Industries offers glass-lined reactors of different size and configurations, including DIN standard reactors and customized reactors. DIN standard for glass-lined reactor is a technical standard that specifies the main dimensions and designs of glass-lined reactors. DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, which is the German national organization for standardization. The DIN standard defines the nozzle pattern, the wall thickness, the jacket design, the agitator design, and the accessories for glass-lined reactors. The DIN standard aims to ensure the quality, safety, and compatibility of glass-lined reactors for various chemical and pharmaceutical processes.

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glass lined reactor
glass lined reactor with agitator

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