Filtration equipment

Filtration equipment

The filtration step in CBD extraction process using ethanol is a step that removes the suspended particulates from the ethanol-hemp mixture after the extraction. The centrifuge extractor step actually already included some sort of filtration by using a filter bag inside the centrifuge extractor. However, there are still particles in the liquid and more refining filtration step(s) are often needed to further clarify the liquid. The filtration step helps to improve the quality and purity of the CBD oil by eliminating unwanted plant matter and lipid. 

Vacuum filtration is often used for the filtration steps after the centrifuge extractor. In vacuum filtration, a vacuum pump is used to create suction, which accelerates the filtration process by drawing the liquid through the filter medium. It is widely used in industrial and laboratory settings for faster filtration.

Plygen Industries offers Buchner Filter for smaller scale operation: 

  • Filter cup & receiving flask: Available in sizes ranging from 10L to 50L, allowing for efficient filtration of varying volumes.
  • Receiving flask: Crafted from 3.3 high borosilicate glass, ensuring excellent durability and resistance to thermal stress.
  • Funnel and frame: Made from high-quality SS304 stainless steel, providing sturdiness and corrosion resistance for long-lasting performance.
  • Vacuum sealing: The vacuum valve ensures a perfect seal, enabling the filtration system to reach a vacuum pressure of -0.095Mpa.

For larger scale operations, Plygen provides the stainless steel housing for standalone filtration unit, or a multi-stage filtration system skid. The contact parts of the unit or system are made from SS304 stainless steel as a standard option, with the flexibility to upgrade to SS316L for enhanced corrosion resistance. The units can be used to house bag filter, depth filter, activated carbon filter and/or lenticular cartridges etc. With an impressive throughput capacity of up to 4m³/h, this filtration system can handle high-volume filtration requirements efficiently. We can also customize the filtration system to your specific need.

Contact us for your filtration need. With industrial-leading lead time, we can help you jump-start your project. We may also expedite the order at your request so you can get your equipment even sooner! 

multi stage filtration equipment skid for CBD extraction process
buchner funnel filter

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