Homogenizer and emulsifying mixer tanks

Homogenizer and emulsifying mixer tanks

Welcome to our homogenizer and emulsifying mixer tanks, where exceptional mixing and emulsification capabilities meet top-notch quality and precision. Our tanks are designed to transform your manufacturing processes, delivering superior emulsions and consistent mixing for various industries.

Homogenizer and emulsifying mixer tanks are devices that use high-speed mixing and shearing to create fine and uniform emulsions or dispersions of two or more immiscible phases, such as oil and water, cream and gel, or pigment and solvent. Homogenizer and emulsifying mixer tanks are widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries to produce products such as creams, lotions, ointments, syrups, sauces, paints, and ink.

Plygen offers a variety of tanks for different mixing and emulsifying needs. Our tanks can be equipped with a vacuum system to prevent powder flying and remove bubbles, a heating and cooling system to control temperature, a homogenizer to create fine and uniform droplets, a scraper agitator to prevent sticking and improve heat transfer, a dual mixing system to mix efficiently, a lifting system to access the product easily, and/or a tilting mechanism to discharge the product conveniently. All our tanks are made of high-quality stainless steel that is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. Our tanks are suitable for cosmetic and personal care products, as well as other applications that require smooth and stable emulsions or dispersions. Our tanks can also be customized and meet your GMP requirements. 

Contact us for your equipment need. With industrial-leading lead time, we can help you jump-start your project. We may also expedite the order at your request so you can get your equipment even sooner! 

emulsifying mixing tank for cosmetic product processing
homogenizer and emulsifying tank

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